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Meet a Business: Salmon River Studios

Accomplished artists and arts educators Ashley Doucette Pilles and Gabriel Deerman found the perfect property to open Salmon River Studios, which recently opened its doors in Tamworth.

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Meet a Business: Lakeview Tavern

Under the able stewardship of Tanya Meszaros since 2007, the Lakeview Tavern has become a hub of activity in Stone Mills Township.

Always a popular ‘watering hole’ for many generations, the Lakeview has been more of a meeting place and restaurant than ‘tavern’ these days, catering to families, couples and community groups.

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Meet a Business: Addison's Restaurant

From the age of 14, Melissa Evans dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Eight years ago, after many years of training and working her way through various jobs in the hospitality industry, her dream became a reality. She took over an existing restaurant in Northbrook, revamping it into a homespun family eatery now known as Addison’s.

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Meet a Business: Deadleaf Distinguished Gentlemen

It’s more than just a store. For owner Scott Sabramsky; it’s about promoting a lifestyle that embraces all that is good about being a man – in a way that is stylish, cool and authentic.

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Meet a Business: Ellena’s Café

Ellena grew up in the hospitality industry knowing that someday she'd own her own restaurant. She never expected that her business would become such a community hub.

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Meet a Business: Wilton Cheese Factory

With many families showing greater interest in where their food comes from, how it’s produced and what ingredients are used, the simple, homespun, all-natural cheese making techniques that the folks at Wilton Cheese have been using for decades are as important as they have ever been.

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