Every four years, County Council sets the Strategic Plan for the term. The Strategic Plan consists of objectives, strategic actions and desired outcomes that will help guide the County and set out its vision for the next term.

Over the coming four-year term, Council has committed to the following guiding principles to shape and inform decision-making and the implementation of its strategic priorities.

  1. We exist to serve our public. We are committed to the highest standard of customer service, transparency, accessibility and communication. We aim to streamline our processes, policies and systems to facilitate ease of use and encourage public engagement.
  2. We are committed to evidence-based long term visioning and sustainability. While Council has a four-year mandate, it will always consider the impact of its decisions on future generations and the environment. The County will safeguard its assets from both a financial and environmental perspective, and manage growth to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens. We will continually look for alternative tools and funding opportunities to support the delivery of quality services.
  3. We are a voice to influence change. Council is committed to being a strong and active voice for our County. We recognize that we have many strategic partners to amplify and leverage our voice and we will make every effort to maximize the potential of these relationships.
  4. We embrace synergy as a key to success. Lennox and Addington will seek out strategic partnerships where collaboration and the sharing of assets and ideas garner greater results. This is foundational to all business processes and planning. We will ensure open communication and connection is maintained with our municipal partners, other levels of government and community partners.

To review the full Strategic Plan document, please visit: County of Lennox and Addington Strategic Plan 2023-26

Once the strategic plan is in place, Council and staff work together to formulate an action plan to carry out the strategic priorities of Council. 

The action planning areas of focus for this term of Council include: 

  • Strategic Capital Planning
  • Economic Growth and Opportunity
  • Safe Affordable Housing 
  • Environment 
  • People Practices
  • Communication 
  • Data 
  • Continuity of Service

To view the current actions plans in their entirety, please visit: Strategic Priority Action Plan - Sept 2023