In accordance with the County’s right-of-way control regulations, County staff evaluate a variety of issues and ensure compliance with the policies of the local road authorities, police, conservation authorities and federal/provincial government agencies. These issues include drainage matters; private feature and road allowance obstruction impacts and encroachments; and traffic issues such as speed limits, parking restrictions and road signage.


Right-of-way includes the review and issuance of the following permits:

  • Entrance Application (public, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, farm, field)
  • Entrance Policy 
  • Excavation Application (private construction in a County road allowance)
  • Encroachment Application (private feature remaining in a County road allowance)
  • Utility Municipal Consent Application (public utility installation in a County road allowance)


Fill out the permit application below for works within County Roads.


Property Owner Information (required)
Severance related
If Yes, provide severance file number
Excavation required