Programming Behind the Scenes

January 16, 2020
Amber Meyer

As much as winter is not my favorite season - getting four boys in snowsuits every morning on top of our regular morning routine is like a full time job before even coming to work - I don’t wish it away. There is something peacefully beautiful as I watch the snowflakes falling out my office window. 

Broadsides, bibles and annual reports, oh my!

January 8, 2020
Kim Kerr

On CBC radio last week they interviewed a guest, a specialist in career shifts and big life changes. Normally, I have one ear on the radio, the other on the circus that is my house, but the change guru got my full attention when describing the usefulness of setting goals over stating New Year’s resolutions. As soon as you set an end point plus an evaluation measure, it’s a goal not an aimlessly thrown out resolution floating in the ether. 

“De-Growing”:  Refining A Museum Collection

December 23, 2019
Joanne Himmelman

As seen in my festive photo, our mindset is on Christmas. Here I am with my kiddos, husband, and Father Christmas celebrating the annual “Christmas Tree” at the museum this past week.  Happy Holidays to all of you, may your merriment be full with the people you love. My wish for you is that you are given less STUFF and more time for all things that bring you joy.

New Year, New Record

December 10, 2019
Lisa Lawlis

2019 was an exciting year at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives and we celebrated the end of the year by doing an update to the online database!  

The past couple of months have consisted of large amounts of digitization, coding format of records for our online database, learning programming languages like Python, digital preservation planning and providing new ways to access archival records. I currently focus on strategies to increase digital access to the archival collection at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives. 

6th Annual "Christmas Tree" Event is Tuesday, December 17th at the Museum

December 10, 2019
Rob Plumley

Experience the spirit of the season at Lennox & Addington County's 6th annual ‘Christmas Tree’ event on Tuesday, December 17th from 6 - 8 pm. This festive event takes place at the L&A County Museum and Archives, located at 97 Thomas Street East in Napanee.

Museum Unplugged

November 27, 2019
Amber Meyer

Experiencing something first hand has the greatest influence on each one of us. It can be something as simple as taking a moment and admiring a tree, wondering how many children have climbed it, how many families have had picnics under it, how long it has been there providing shelter and protection for our wildlife, or whether this tree is part of someone’s story. 

On the Lookout for Nutcrackers

November 21, 2019
Rob Plumley

Do you have a Nutcracker or two that the Museum could borrow for our holiday display? Help us fill the foyer for our "Crazy for Crackers" exhibit this December. Drop by the museum before December 1st and we'll add it to the collection. For more information contact Joanne at 613-354-3027.

SM Nutcrackers.jpg

Upcoming Events

Lest we forget: Stories from World War Two Archival Records

November 7, 2019
Kim Kerr

There’s been a lot of information from us at the Museum and Archives lately about Anne Frank and the travelling exhibit from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I say this not as promotion, rather to provide context for this blog because without that exhibit, it’s hard to say whether Donald Reid, Luva Perry, Harold Rogers or Erich Possin would be at the forefront of my work lately. 

“Crazy for Crackers” Closes Our Year

October 25, 2019
Joanne Himmelman

We will be ending our exhibition year with a “cracking” good time – tutus, cookies, and Christmas trees included.

Can you believe how fast 2019 is slipping by? I am sitting at my desk reviewing my exhibit plan for 2020 and realize that I am due to write a blog. With this in mind and my exhibit plan in front of me…I think I will highlight what’s around the corner for the exhibits at the museum. This year we circulated nine exhibits with various themes- changing from student sculpted snowmen to model boats, from the St Lawrence Seaway flooding to birds in our backyard. 


October 11, 2019
Lisa Lawlis

With my thoughts in digitization and updating our online database (and let’s face it, since it's October I am also thinking about apple pie recipes) I often forget to slow down and remind myself of how researchers interact with resources at the archives. 

A tweet from the Society of American Archivists on October 2nd, 2019 during #AskanArchivist day pulled me away from scanning a photograph album from 1872 to ponder the question of how researchers locate and engage with records online: