I’ll begin this blog by saying I miss you all. I miss hearing the voices of visitors talking about exhibits, the beautiful sound of music resonating with the audience, kids' laughter echoing in our hallway and the ability to create a sense of community within our walls. It has been a different year for us at Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives, navigating how to connect with our visitors from a distance. 2020 has allowed us the time and ability to rethink how we function and how we will be able to have an even greater reach and impact for our visitors and beyond. We are currently open and excited to share our new exhibits and research pods.

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A few months ago I wrote a blog about our Museum Unplugged. The wonder in having a space where artifacts are tangible and experiences are in “real time”, connecting with visitors provides such joy. This blog has quite the juxtaposition, but the same inherent purpose. Since March we have been working hard to connect to our community through online programs, vlogs, adding items to our online collection and digital research opportunities. Although a challenging time, this is an exciting time for growth and opportunity for the programming that happens here at the Museum and Archives. Plans of partnering with our favorite artists, theaters and guest speakers and allowing them to reach you in the comfort of your own home or classroom. The opportunities for outreach have expanded with the digital mechanisms as the medium. Museums and cultural spaces are a necessity to our communities as we provide a sense of place, and this is our main priority, to continue providing this in our new digital program development.  

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Over the past 6 months, despite not being able to provide our regular programming opportunities within the Museum and Archives, we have been able to create some wonderful outreach for our community. I developed 12 programs for teachers and at home learners that are free and available on our website. We also received national press on a wonderful children’s led initiative called L&A Kids Who Care where we highlight stories of children and youth within L&A County who give back to make our community a better place. Find out more about this great program.

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Partnering with the Rotary Club we provided over 200 education kits for students during the Covid-19 isolation in the spring. We have been working on creating take home art kits to temporarily take over for our Museum Kids program, and will be announcing soon how we will be continuing our workshops and lecture events.

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Local cartoonist Tim Nimigan, is also providing guided tours of his current exhibit “Our Town is Your Town” based on his newest book. These can be easily booked online

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Although we are in the process of change and redevelopment, our place and space in the community remains. We look forward to continue engaging with you digitally, and providing you snippets of what life is like behind the scenes here at the L&A County Museum and Archives.  Our doors are open, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.