L&A Kids Who Care is for children of all ages. The goal is to inspire our youth and let them know that their actions, no matter how big or small, make a difference. It's a challenge to our youth to "give back" in a way that is meaningful to them and makes them feel proud. 

We invite Lennox & Addington's youth to join this movement, to connect with and give back to our great community.


What it means to become a member:

Dedicate 5 hours a month to volunteer. You can spend it doing the same project or lots of different ideas. Make memories with your family and friends while giving back.  Learn the different ways you can give back and how our community needs support.  Kiddos will also learn that giving time is just as important as donating money.

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Just a reminder to respect physical distancing and if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or other flu like symptoms please do not send out anything. There are lots of wonderful ways you can help from home too! 


Ways to Give while Physically Distancing


From Home:

Kids, did you know that you can give back within the comfort of your own home? Do you love to make crafts, draw pictures, write stories, bake or build things? These are all ways that you can help those in the community around you. Be creative, we challenge you to
come up with new ways we can make a difference. Please be mindful of washing hands and not sending items if sick.

In Nature:

Helping our environment is a way to give back as well, while practicing physical distancing. Go on a nature walk and bring along a garbage back to help protect our earth and water, and clean the homes for our wildlife. You can also make feeders or shelters to make your yard more animal friendly. Be creative and help our world.

For our Furry Friends:

We have three wonderful organizations in our community who help animals. These would be great organizations to reach out to if you love wildlife and animals. Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, Napanee Community Kitten Rescue and L&A SPCA are primarily run by volunteers and are always looking for more help! Maybe you can even come up with an idea of helping animals in the wild, or animal shelters. Lots of options, just remember to be safe and to respect our wildlife.


L&A Kids Who are Caring!


Gavyn and HarleyHarley & Gavyn from Napanee

Harley... "I think it is important to donate so people can buy the things they need for the animals. I have donated to lots of different places SickKids, SPCA, and Sturge Weber Foundation. My favorite is to my local SPCA I like helping the animals. I have picked to donate to something for my last 4 birthdays."

Gavyn... "I think it is important to donate to help a cause so they can continue to support others who are  in need. It is also a great way to show others how to help and the warm feeling you get from it. I have donated to my local SPCA my last 4 birthdays because I want to make sure the animals can find good homes and are healthy and happy."





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