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The Most Southerly Dark Sky Site in Ontario

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Dark Sky Viewing Area Temporarily Closed due to Province Wide Shutdown

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The most southerly dark sky site in Ontario

Located at 7980 County Road 41, (37 kilometres north of Napanee) the L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area is the most southerly point in Ontario that offers a night sky experience very similar to what was available more than 100 years ago.

The site has ample parking and includes a large concrete pad for camera or telescope setup. The DSVA is perfect for anyone looking to observe the natural wonder of the stars. The viewing area is open from dusk until dawn - no registration required. Admission is free! View the night sky is it is meant to be seen.

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Location & Directions

7980 County Road 41, Erinsville

N 44° 33’32.92  W 77° 06’59.61 

From Highway 401:

  • Take Exit 579 (Napanee, Kaladar)
  • Head NORTH along County Road 41 for 37 kilometres.
  • You will pass through the communities of Selby, Roblin and Erinsville.
  • The L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area will be on your LEFT, just before the entrance to the Sheffield Conservation Area.

From Highway 7:

  • Upon reaching Kaladar, head SOUTH at the intersection of County Road 41 and Highway 7.
  • Follow County Road 41 for 11 kilometres.
  • The L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area will be on your RIGHT, just past the entrance to the Sheffield Conservation Area.
  • We love the Dark Sky Viewing Area!  We have had a chance to see couple of meteor showers. We try to make it the past 2 years during summer! I love to lie down with my family and watch the stars and the magic they create! The meteors. Oh... our best was one where we counted almost 100 meteors !! Awesome experience! 

    - Rupa S.

  • This is a great spot to do stargazing, astrophotography or deep sky observations with your telescope! Located less than an hour away from the 401 north of Greater Napanee, this location is easy to find. The area is the most southern you can get in Ontario where the sky will be clear of light pollution. For sure recommend this place, especially if you have never seen the milky way!

    - Dylan P.

  • It's absolutely amazing!!! I was there yesterday and I swear my heart almost stopped beating from how magnificent and phenomenal the view is!!

    - Bonbon MK

  • I was there last night. The view was beautiful. Also, a shooting star went across half the sky at 8:18 PM. It crossed over the handle of the Big Dipper. Before it completely burned up, it split into two pieces. Amazing sight!

    - Ron C.