As of July 1, 2020, the Highway Traffic Act was amended to include two additional types of off-road vehicles to be operated on municipal roads if authorized by municipal by-law. The additional types of permitted vehicles now include:

  • Extreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV’s)
  • Off-Road Motorcycles (ORM)

The previous operational speeds, location of travel on the road, operator and vehicle equipment, insurance, and operator age requirements now extend to the additional permitted vehicle types.

Click here to see amending By-law 3493-2021

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On July 15, 2015 the Highway Traffic Act was amended to permit additional categories of off-road vehicles to travel on certain provincial and municipal highways. In addition to previously permitted single rider all-terrain vehicle operation on provincial and municipal highways, two-up all-terrain vehicles, side by side all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles are now permitted to operate on the shoulders of certain highways.

Similar to the previously permitted all-terrain operations on highways, the newly permitted vehicles, drivers and passengers must comply with certain age, insurance and equipment requirements.

A municipality is required to pass a by-law permitting the use of off-road vehicles on municipal highways.  To accommodate this requirement the County of Lennox and Addington has now passed By-law No. 3316/15 and amending By-law No. 3326/16 to permit the operation of these additional vehicle types on certain County roads.

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Click here to see amending By-law 3326/16

More information on permitted all-terrain and off-road vehicle operations on highways can be found at:

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