The big day will soon be here... Do you have everything for everyone?

December 16, 2020
Rob Plumley

It's getting down to crunch time. The game clock is approaching zero. There's no room for procrastination. You need bite the bullet and wrap up your Christmas shopping. And you need to do it now.

Cross Items Off Your List by Shopping in L&A

December 10, 2020
Rob Plumley

While shopping isn't necessarily my favourite thing to do, I do enjoy finding gifts that I know that others will enjoy receiving. It's always fun to come across items that will be a guaranteed hit when they're unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Whether you shop in-store or online, there are plenty of options to choose from here in Lennox & Addington County. If you're looking for something for children, your spouse, your parents, or your in-laws (which hopefully you can defer the choosing to your spouse), chances are you can find what you need right here.

Enjoy a meal with your bubble at a local restaurant

December 2, 2020
Rob Plumley

If your chef skills are as subpar as mine are, nothing beats a delicious meal made by someone else. There's no prep work involved, no clean up is required, and let's face it -- it's actually edible.

While dining out at a local restaurant may feel a bit different these days, there are many great locations here in Lennox & Addington that are ready to host your bubble for a fantastic holiday meal. Many offer takeout, curbside pickup, delivery and online ordering options. Gift cards and certificates to local restaurants also make great stocking stuffers.

Big Bright Light Season returns to Downtown Greater Napanee

November 7, 2020
Rob Plumley

If you're looking to get festive this holiday season, look no further than Downtown Greater Napanee. Big Bright Light Season - and its 750,000 LED Christmas lights - on now and nightly throughout the holiday season.

A late season paddle on the Napanee River

October 30, 2020
Rob Plumley

With the paddling season nearing an end for another year, I took advantage of a beautiful late-October afternoon to paddle a stretch of the Napanee River that I hadn't yet visited.

While most leaves have fallen here in L&A, the drive from Napanee was still a pretty one. I took the scenic route to the boat launch on Curl Road in Stone Mills between Camden East and Yarker. 

Digging in the L&A Forest

October 28, 2020
Mike Sewell

Hardcase, Lost Loop, Found Again, Ridgeline, Fraggled... kind of a strange combination of words.

But when their backdrop is a wooded recreational trail system, these terms describe feelings and connections of joy found within 160 acres of Lennox and Addington forest. Aptly named, these are a few of the most recent trails currently under construction in the northern reaches of the Naturally L&A Forest Trails in Flinton.

Take a Prime Colour Tour of Southern L&A

October 14, 2020
Rob Plumley

The fall colours have reached their peak here in the southern portion of Lennox & Addington County. If you want to see them, you'd better get a move on... the leaves are falling fast!

I took a mid-week drive with the goal of finding a top-10 list of viewing locations for a weekend road trip. However, the colours were fantastic along the entire route, so fantastic that it was impossible to narrow it down to a measly 10 places. 

An Autumn Ride on the Cataraqui Trail

October 7, 2020
Rob Plumley

While growing up in Newburgh I spent a lot of time on the Cataraqui Trail, long before it was known by such a name.

My parent's property backed onto the old rail line that cut through the village. The tracks were still there back in the 80's, but I don't recall ever seeing a train moving in either direction.
My brother and I and other neighbourhood kids used to play and bike up and down the old tracks all the time, jumping into ditches, getting wet and dirty in the process. Long story short, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Planning Out an Autumn Leaf Tour of L&A

September 29, 2020
Rob Plumley

Lennox & Addington County is always a great place be, especially in the fall when the leaves light up the landscape.

This weekend we have a video crew visiting L&A during the peak of the autumn's transformation. Along with brilliant views of the tree line, they will also be filming some locals as they hike, cycle, ride, paddle and drive with the colours of the season as a backdrop. 

To prepare for the visit, I had to pre-scout some areas to make sure that the leaves were looking good. Tough job, I know.

Apple Adventures in Lennox & Addington County

September 23, 2020
Rob Plumley

If you're looking for a fun, family outing this fall, there are plenty of apple-related adventures you can take in L&A County.