I should start off this article by saying that I firmly believe that books are books regardless of format, including e-books, audiobooks and print. If it has the same words (read: not abridged), it has the same meaning. I love listening to audiobooks on my drive to and from work and while doing chores around the house – I get a lot more reading accomplished that way than I might otherwise.

There are several situations that are perfect for getting lost in a good audiobook. Next time you find yourself in one, grab some earbuds and give it a try!


No matter how careful you are, reading at the beach or in the bath is bound to leave you will a book that is ever so slightly waterlogged. Taking your tablet or e-reader in or around water is also a risky proposition for obvious reasons. Choosing an audiobook for these occasions means you can keep your library books or expensive devices safely tucked away, but still be able to read. It also frees up your eyes for people watching!


It goes without saying that books on CD or audiobooks on Bluetooth are a great way to pass a boring commute in your car. Not many of us take public transportation locally, but if you did you would find that it is a lot easier to listen to a book than read one when moving from train to train, or packed into a bus like a can of sardines.


In a similar vein, it is a lot easier to be crammed into an airplane seat with an audiobook than a print book -- especially if both arm rests are being monopolized by fellow passengers! On an airplane, you’re constantly shifting, trying to take up as little space as possible, and sometimes your carry on full of books is not easily accessible. Listening to an audiobook on your smart phone is a lot less unwieldly.


Music is best for short-haul runs, but can only keep you motivated for so long. If you are planning to settle into a long run, an engaging audiobook is a good way to keep your mind busy.


If you are doing anything that you don’t particularly enjoy but needs to get done, you could be reading while you do it. Audiobooks don’t require hands! One word of caution, though – I know someone who once accidently took a snipper to her headphones cord while listening to an audiobook while pruning her garden.

If you are interested in exploring audiobooks, we have a few options for you at the library. Overdrive and Hoopla Digital offer 10,000s of downloadable audiobooks to choose from. They are available on our website and can be accessed with your library card. You can also check out a book on CD – we have 1000s across our six branches! Ask a staff member to help determine which option in best for you.


Originally published in the April 5th edition of the Napanee Beaver.