Are you looking for some fun and easy STEM activities you can do with your child or children with ingredients you probably already have at home? These have all been tried and tested at the library, so you know they'll work!

How about a simple, two ingredient play-dough? Just mix equal parts corn starch and hair conditioner (any brand), for a soft and silky dough that moulds easily, isn't sticky (if it is, just add more corn starch!), smells wonderful, and is easy to clean up.

Puff paints are always fun, and they're inexpensive and easy when you make your own. All you need is white glue, shaving cream, either food colouring or some paint, and some flour (and if you're short of flour, you can make it without as well). You can check out the recipe here. If you don't have flour, just use equal parts shaving cream and glue, and add colouring. 

When the weather's nice, how about mixing up an outdoor activity? This simple, three ingredient puffy sidewalk chalk was a hit at one of our summer STEAM Quest nights at Bath Branch. We didn't have squeeze bottles, but used Ziploc bags with a corner cut off. Get the instructions here