Here's Jackie's review of Vicious Cycle by Terri Blackstock, which can be reserved at your branch of the County Libraries:

"Fast paced, relevant and highly suspenseful, Vicious Cycle is a quick read with a Christian overtone. Interweaving family drama involving addictions and the desire to help fellow-man with romance, I suggest this title by bestselling author Terri Blackstock. Emily Covington was just released from New Day, a treatment centre for those with addictions.  Struggling with her new freedom she becomes involved in assisting a friend still caught in the clutches of meth addiction.  Meanwhile, Emily’s 15 year old brother becomes involved and is accused of kidnapping.  Desperate, Barb, the mother of Emily and Lance reaches out to a police officer she has begun to take an interest in. The plot spirals and twists as there are deeper forces at play here."

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