Marg recently enjoyed Then She Was Gone, a popular new thriller by Lisa Jewell. Read her review here:

Fifteen year-old Ellie Mack disappears without a trace one afternoon on her way to the library. An intensive search for her turns up fruitless leaving her family in shambles.

Ellie’s parents Laurel and Paul ultimately end up divorcing and the Laurel’s relationship with her other two children becomes strained as she struggles to cope with the loss of her golden child. Ten years later Laurel meets and becomes involved with a man named Floyd whose daughter Poppy bears an uncanny and disturbing resemblance to Ellie.

As the relationship with Floyd intensifies Laurel makes some shocking discoveries about Poppy’s mother and her connection to Floyd and to Ellie. The events that transpire next will change all of their lives forever.

The author Lisa Jewell, does an excellent job of winding this dark, twisted and suspenseful tale keeping the reader at the edge of their seat!

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