Kristin recently enjoyed Pumpkinheads, a brand new graphic novel by bestselling author Rainbow Rowell and Eisner Award-winning Vancouver-based artist Faith Erin Hicks. Here is her review: 

"One of the most anticipated graphic novels of the fall season has arrived at the library and it is sure to be a hit among teens and adults alike!  When the book begins, we meet Deja and Josiah who are in the Succotash Hut at their local pumpkin patch. They have worked together here for three seasons, but tonight is their final shift before going off to college. To mark this monumental occasion, both of them have a special mission in mind. Josiah is determined to maintain his MVPPP (Most Valuable Pumpkin Patch Person) status, but Deja is aiming much higher because she wants to get Josiah to finally talk to his long-time crush. Will Deja accomplish her goal of getting her best friend to finally take action and give love a chance? Or will strange and mystical events throughout the evening cause her plans to go astray? It is Halloween night so peculiar, surreal and unexpected events are sure to occur! This sweet story is primarily about the power of friendship, but surprises and twists throughout will set your heart aflutter. In equal measure, the book celebrates both endings and beginnings within our lives. On the one hand, this is the last year Deja and Josiah will be working at the pumpkin patch together before they graduate high school and leave for college. This special time in their lives is coming to an end, but more magnificent things are sure to be around the corner. In summary, Pumpkinheads is a heartwarming tale with brilliant artwork that takes a thoughtful look at relationships of all kinds which comes out sweeter than any piece of pumpkin pie!"

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