Marg is big into thrillers. One of her recent favorites is The Other Woman by Sandie Jones, a fast-paced and twisty domestic thriller. Here is here review:

The Other Woman is a compulsively addictive, disturbing domestic thriller that reeled me in from the very beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Emily is over the moon happy with her new boyfriend Adam, a devilishly handsome man she met in a bar one afternoon after a conference she attended. At first she is unimpressed and finds him arrogant and condescending but soon the tables turn and she finds herself falling for him. The relationship quickly turns serious and they move in together with talk of marriage in the near future. Emily and Adam have a seemingly idyllic life together. There is only one obstacle to their everlasting happiness, his mother!

Pammie is the epitome of a controlling, manipulative mother-in-law-to-be who is desperate to keep Emily and Adam apart. She is extremely possessive of her son and will do anything (including faking being seriously ill and inviting Adam’s ex to Emily’s bachelorette party) to keep the relationship from going to the next level. As the story progresses we discover the shocking truth of why this is the case!

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