Erin Markuschewsky from the Napanee Branch of the County of Lennox & Addington Libraries recently enjoyed the latest memoir/self-help book from Sheryl Sandberg.

Option B is a thought provoking and interesting read about a woman who has lost her husband and must learn how to live again,” explains Erin. “Readers of Sheryl’s first book Lean In will see a new side of the Facebook COO.”

“While on vacation in Mexico, Sheryl’s husband Dave dies suddenly. Option B goes into detail about everything that Sheryl was feeling before, during and after the tragedy occurred. Sheryl must learn how to live as a single parent to her two small children. Sheryl goes step by step through the emotions and experiences she had from the time her husband was found until months later.”

“The book is not just about herself however, Sheryl details loss and tragedies other real-life people have dealt with. You don’t have to look far to find someone who has dealt with loss at one time or another. With these stories of adversity, comes resilience and ways in which these people found joy from some of their worst pain. The book also contains tips on how to talk to loved ones who have experienced a death in the family or any number of tragedies. One key point of advice she gives readers is to ask “how are you doing today?” instead of the generic “how are you?” This helps those who are going through a rough time to realize that someone is there for them and sincerely wants to know how they are. Sheryl details how small things like this can make a large difference to someone in pain.”

“If you are looking for someone’s first-hand experience with grief and how they have learned to dealt with it as well as tips and stories from others then this book is for you,” Erin concludes. “Even if you haven’t lived through this exact tragedy you will find some helpful tips and insights into others lives.”

You can reserve Option B in print, e-book, audiobook or talking book formats from the County of Lennox & Addington Libraries by placing a hold here.