Julie, our Readers' Services Coordinator, recently enjoyed One Good Reason: a Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, Music and Love, a devastating yet hopeful memoir by Great Big Sea founder Sean McCann. Here is her review: 

Courage, though made famous by another Canadian rock band is exactly what Sean McCann (founder of Great Big Sea and now former bandmate) displays in his new memoir One Good Reason, which he co-wrote with his wife Andrea Aragon. In it, he chronicles very candidly his sexual abuse as a teenager to the alcohol he turns to try forgetting his pain. Aragon tells her side of his self-destruction and the effects it has on those closest to him. Life on the road with Canada’s party band Great Big Sea eventually hits a breaking point that leads to him leaving the band. This is a devastating read yet through McCann’s courage it will leave the reader with hope as he comes out on the other side of his addiction battle.