Gillian recently enjoyed My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite, a satirical thriller set in Nigeria. Here is her review:

What do you do if your little sister has the bad habit of killing her boyfriends? If you are Korede, the main character in this debut novel, the answer is obvious: clean up the crime scene and meticulously destroy all evidence.  But when Korede’s two worlds collide, and her sister sets sight on Korede’s love interest, a choice must be made: continue to protect a murderous sister or save the man of your dreams. This quick and addictive read is filled with (dark) humour and clever observations.  Each character comes with flaws, including quirky big-sister and narrator Korede who you can’t help but root for. Braithwaite chooses her words with care, resulting in a fast paced, tension-filled story that will end long before you’re ready.

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