Fans of Paula Hawkins, Clare Mackintosh or Ruth Ware should read ahead for Marg Wood's review of My Lovely Wife, a novel of psychological suspense that will be arriving at the library soon:

The soon to be released debut novel My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing may just be the guilty reading please of 2019! It is an extremely dark, twisted and compulsively readable tale of the seemingly perfect couple next door who are anything but perfect.

Millicent is a real high-end estate agent and her husband Tobias is a tennis pro working at an exclusive country club. They live with their teenage son and daughter and lead a normal suburban life…or so they would have you believe. In reality their extracurricular activities are anything normal, they like to keep their marriage interesting in a very unusual and illegal manner. These people are seriously disturbed and disturbing!  To say much more would be giving too much away.

The character development in My Lovely Wife is outstanding and the story is fast-paced and well-written. This book is definitely not for everyone but it is in my opinion extremely riveting and strangely entertaining.  I would suggest this book for fans of Paula Hawkins, Clare Mackintosh or Ruth Ware as well as for fans of the television show Dexter.

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