Marg recently enjoyed The Lost Girls of Paris, the latest offering of Pam Jenoff, the author of the immensely popular The Orphan’s Tale. Inspired by true-life events this novel recounts and celebrates the heroic efforts of female spies during WWII. Here is her review:

In 1946 Grace Healey is just starting to rebuild her life after the tragic death of her husband. While commuting to work she has to travel through Grand Central Terminal and it is there she discovers an abandoned suitcase which she opens it to see if she can find information to contact the owner. She finds a packet of photographs of twelve young women and determines that the suitcase belongs to a woman named Eleanor Triggs, who she later discovers is the leader of a group of women operatives who worked out of London during the war and her interest is piqued. When she sees on the evening news that Eleanor was killed in front of the terminal that morning she makes it her mission to try to return the suitcase and the pictures to Eleanor’s family.

The author artfully weaves this sensational tale as Grace discovers the back stories of Eleanor and the group of courageous spies she worked with in this intriguing account of war, espionage, redemption. Historical fiction fans will no doubt want to set a few hours aside to read this exciting new book.

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