Gillian Goldsmith recently enjoyed The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu, one of this year's Evergreen Award nominees. Here is her review:

Five young girls, all from different walks of life, meet for the first time at Camp Forevermore. Grouped together for an ill-fated overnight kayak trip, they find themselves lost in the wilderness, with scarce resources and only each other to rely on. This is a traumatic experience, and while Canadian author, Kim Fu, slowly weaves their survival story throughout the pages of this novel, the book is more about what became of these lost girls. The novel is presented in sections: one for each of the girls, years later, as they cope with a range of challenges as adults. The incident itself barely comes up in each character’s story; instead the reader is left to ponder what implications this formative experience has had on shaping each of their adult selves. This character-driven book deserves its nomination for the 2019 Evergreen Award.

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