Caitlyn from the Napanee Branch recently enjoyed The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak, an acclaimed new novel that will inspire 1980s nostalgia. 

"This was a funny and surprising coming-of-age novel, set in the 1980’s," says Caitlyn. "Everything begins when photos of Vanna White show up in Playboy magazine and Billy, Alf, and Clark, three best friends, hatch a plan to steal a few copies. They try and fail, then try and fail again, but not before Billy meets Mary Zelinsky, who loves programming and is unlike any girl he’s ever known. She’s essential to the new plan that the three boys have cooked up, but as Billy finds himself more and more intrigued by her with each passing day, the more he finds that Playboy centerfolds no longer matter to him. What began as the antics of three teenage boys culminates in an unforgettable story of determination and discovery."

"I loved this book – it was heralded as a 'love letter to the eighties', and that is just what it is."

"I loved this book – it was heralded as a 'love letter to the eighties', and that is just what it is. I didn’t grow up in that decade, but this book definitely made me wish I had. It’s nostalgic and hopeful, with brand new technology and endless possibilities. In an age where technology is only advancing, but everything seems like it’s already been thought of, this takes us back to simpler times, when we were only on the cusp of a revolution that kick-started everything we know today."

"If you enjoy books about technology and eighties nostalgia (most notably, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline), or are just looking for a funny, engaging read, this book is for you," concludes Caitlyn.

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