Kristin recently enjoyed I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf by Grant Snider, an illustrated book that will call out to bibliophiles. Here is her review:

Do you consider yourself a book lover? Is the library your second home, or perhaps, a revered and special place for you? Do you collect books, or organize your bookshelves in a personal and unique way that shows your individual literary journey over time? Have you ever thought, or do you even care, how others may judge you based on your bookshelf? The beloved New York Times illustrator Grant Snider brings these questions and more to the forefront with this adorable collection of comics that thoroughly explore books and their owners! This is a playful and highly relatable graphic non-fiction book based on the joys and frustrations of reading and writing. Book lovers of all ages are sure to be enthralled right from the cute die-cut cover until the very last page with this sincere and heartwarming book. I was pleasantly surprised by how many comics were grounded in real-life situations of the fervent readers around the world, including those that may seem silly, random, bizarre or ridiculous to anyone who might not be part of this group. Acting as both author and illustrator, Grant Snider has created a true masterpiece with I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf and I suggest every bookworm out there adds this title to their TBR pile or pick it up right away!

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