“I See You is the highly anticipated page-turner by author Clare Mackintosh whose debut book I Let You Go caused quite a stir late last year,” says Marg Wood from the Napanee Branch. “It was hailed as the new Girl on the Train and proved to be extremely popular; in fact it is still in high demand. I just finished reading I See You and I predict that it will garner the same interest and be just as popular!”

Marg explains, “Zoe Walker is a creature of habit, she follows the same route everyday on her way to work, stops at the same coffee shop and sits on the same car on the London underground. Zoe is no different than most people, we all tend to follow the same routes on a day to day basis but as Zoe soon finds out it puts her and many other unsuspecting women at risk when someone is watching their every move. Sound ominous? It becomes even more so when Zoe discovers a grainy picture of herself in the local paper in a classified ad for a website called FindTheOne.com. What is this website and how did Zoe’s picture end up on the site? When Zoe starts investigating she is shocked to discover that the site sells women’s profiles to its clients so that they can “accidentally” meet with the purpose of beginning a relationship or for more sinister purposes. She soon discovers that the site is linked to violent attacks on women and in one case the grisly murder of a woman who had appeared in a recent classified ad."

I had suspected the sinister culprit part way through the book then dismissed my initial thoughts and was ultimately blown away by its shocking ending.

"Detective Kelly Swift becomes involved in the case and works with Zoe to uncover the website’s perverse purpose. It becomes obvious that Zoe is in extreme danger and that her nineteen year-old daughter will soon become a target as well. They discover that as unbelievable as it seems, the source of danger may be much closer than it appears.The major twist in this book comes really close to its conclusion. I had suspected the sinister culprit part way through the book then dismissed my initial thoughts and I was ultimately blown away by its shocking ending."

“I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers or a good suspenseful mystery,” Marg concludes. “If you enjoyed Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena or Still Missing by Chevy Stevens, this book is one you will not want to miss.”

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