Kristin Maloney reviews In the Hall with the Knife by Diana Peterfreund, a YA mystery novel that draws inspiration from the board game Clue. Here is her review:

Are you a fan of a good murder mystery? Have you ever enjoyed the board game CLUE? Do you have a favourite character or weapon from this famous game? Or might you even remember watching the CLUE movie? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, than I suggest you read this thrilling new book based on CLUE featuring the same set of memorable and quirky characters!

The mystery begins when a terrifying storm strikes at an elite school nestled in the woods of Maine, known as Blackbrook Academy. It is such a ferocious storm that a group of students who are still on campus become stranded, and are forced to seek shelter overnight in Tudor House under the watchful eye of their headmaster. Unfortunately, the following morning brings horror when a body is found in the conservatory. This frightening turn of events brings shock and fear to the students which forces them to realize that not only is one of them a murderer, but that they are all still in grave danger!

What really drew me into this book, and what I admired most, was of course the many references to the well-known board game characters, weapons and rooms. The author has written a novel that not only does the board game justice, but it also tells its own version of the story by taking the reader on a fast-paced mystery. In summary, this modern reimagining of a classic who-dun-it board game is suitable for both teens and adults looking for a fascinating, page-turning mystery that is sure to keep you guessing right up until the last page!

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