Andree Duval, Relief Librarian, recently enjoyed The Empty Bed by Nina Sadowksy, an exciting internationally-set mystery. 

The Empty Bed is Nina Sadowsky’s second thriller about The Burial Society, a private organization that helps people in danger. The story unfolds in alternating chapters voiced by several characters providing multiple perspectives on the main story and subplots. The intense pace of the novel delivers a cinematic feel.

The main story revolves around Americans Eva and her husband Peter who live in London. Eva drinks a lot and Peter works long hours which causes marital problems. Peter tries to ‘fix it’ by booking a surprise anniversary trip to Hong Kong. He thinks Eva is paranoid when she claims that a man who followed her in London is on their flight. The couple have a huge fight in the hotel lobby. When Eva disappears Peter thinks she is just acting out. He decides to go shopping and then orders room service. After 24 hours, he starts to panic and reports Eva missing but the police do not take him seriously based on the lobby fight and his subsequent behaviour.   

Meanwhile, an exciting subplot is also developed about The Burial Society’s work to protect and relocate a witness and his family. The action happens on several fronts making The Empty Bed a fast-paced thriller that keeps you turning pages well into the night.

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