Erin recently enjoyed In Conclusion, Don't Worry About Ita quick read with a positive message. Here is her review:

This short and sweet non-fiction read from actress Lauren Graham caught my attention right away. I enjoyed the author as Lorelei Gilmore on television’s Gilmore Girls and wanted to give the book a try. In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It, is an expansion of Graham’s 2017 commencement speech at Langley High School.  

I liked this positive book that is filled with useful advice, not just for recent graduates, but for anyone. We live in a time where many of us constantly worry that we are not doing the right thing or progressing quickly enough in our lives. This book helps to throw away those worries and provide some comfort to its readers. The content was very relatable for me and I believe it would be for anyone else who tends to worry at all!

If you’re looking for a very quick and easy read with an inspirational and positive message along with a few laughs, this book is for you.

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