Andree Duval, Relief Librarian for the Lennox & Addington Libraries, recently enjoyed The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld, which Margaret Atwood describes as a "heartbreaking, finger-gnawing, and yet ultimately hopeful novel."

"This a gritty yet hopeful follow-up to the novel The Child Finder. Naomi, abducted as a very young child, escaped her kidnapper when she was seven and is now a licenced private investigator who searches for missing children. 

Her memories of captivity and her sister are limited. Naomi cannot remember her sister’s name but she is determined to find her. She does know that she sang Sweet Chariot to her younger sister. This song and the knowledge that her sister would be around 25 years old is all she has to go on.

Naomi has promised herself that she will see this desperate search for her sister through to the end and returns to Portland, Oregon when five murdered street girls are discovered in the river. Could this be the work of the same predator? Naomi prowls the underbelly of the city looking for anyone who may have seen or heard about her sister. Her quest takes her to the morgue, soup kitchens, mental hospitals, and a skid row of street people and those who try to help them.

She discovers clues about her past that take her on a disturbing journey she may not be strong enough to survive. Along the way Naomi befriends a 12 year old runaway Celia who left an abusive step-father and heroin addicted mother. Celia escapes the ugly reality of street life by imagining a magical world full of protective butterflies. Then one night Celia disappears. Naomi is frantic with worry and tries to piece together the evidence before it is too late!"

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