Andree recently enjoyed The Book Artist by Mark Pryor, the eight installment in a series said by Publishers Weekly to have "a fascinating cast, an intriguing subplot, and a gorgeous Parisian setting that add to the story’s appeal." Here is Andree's review:

The Book Artist is the eighth Hugo Marsten book by Mark Pryor. In this outing Hugo, a former FBI profiler and current Head of Security at the American Embassy in Paris, must help clear his friend Claudia who is accused of murder. He must also face down a recently paroled killer who is out for revenge against Hugo and his long-time friend Tom. This revenge subplot adds an interesting and exciting layer to the book.

The book artist is Alia Alsaffar who creates incredible sculptures using old books. Alia invites Hugo to the opening night of her exhibit at the Dali museum in Paris. When she is found dead in one of the gallery’s side rooms, Hugo persuades the French police that his services as an interpreter are required. He manages to be part of the investigation until Lieutenant Intern Adrien Marchand arrests Claudia and claims that Hugo must not interfere as he is now a material witness. Of course Hugo continues to investigate on his own... 

The suspects are limited as the exhibit opening was by invitation only, yet Pryor provides enough twists to make this mystery work. He gives us an intelligent, determined, likable lead character, numerous other well developed characters, and a vibrant Paris setting which makes for a satisfying read.

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