Shelby, a Page from the County of L&A Libraries' Napanee Branch, recently enjoyed The Bomb Maker, the latest novel by bestseller crime writer Thomas Perry. 

"Thomas Perry’s latest thriller, The Bomb Maker, is a procedural crime novel you won’t be able to put down. Its well constructed characters and explosive action (pun intended) will keep crime enthusiasts thirsting for more. It only took a second for an unknown bomber to obliterate half of the LAPD Bomb Squad, and force former Squad Commander Dick Stahl to step in. With Bomb Squad officers in very low supply, Stahl and the remaining team will have to be extremely careful, but the bomber is determined to trip them up. Balancing life and death situations around every corner, and a budding romance with a fellow co-worker, Dick Stahl puts his life on the line to bring an end to the bombers rein of terror. This is a novel that fans of crime and thrills will not want to miss!"

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