Here Shelby reviews Bird Box by Josh Malerman, a horror novel which has been recently made into a film airing on Netflix. 

One day there is a report on the news. Someone tried to murder several people and then kill themselves, after reportedly seeing some sort of creature. Newly-pregnant Mallory thinks nothing of it, until similar news reports are becoming more frequent. Soon there are multiple reports every day, and people are afraid. They believe seeing the creature is what makes you go mad. To protect themselves, citizens make sure they have no chance of seeing the creature; they stay inside, board up windows, and wear blindfolds when they have to go outside. After her sister goes mad, Mallory finds an ad in the newspaper offering safety. Once there, Mallory adapts to her new life, while in constant fear for the safety of her future child. Jumping forward to the present, Mallory and the children are blindfolded in a row boat. They are navigating blindly, listening closely for signs of danger. Mallory is taking the children to safety, somewhere better than the tiny cabin they have spent the last four years in. Their destination will offer refuge and hope for the future- but only if they can make it there. Josh Malerman’s writing will hook you from the very beginning, and you won’t stop reading until you reach the end. Fans of the film A Quiet Place will without a doubt love the similar premise of Bird Box.

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