Amy Kay recently enjoyed This is Baby by Jimmy Fallon and Miguel Ordonez, an amusing, colourful picture book that is perfect for "baby bookworms."

Jimmy Fallon and Miguel Ordonez, author and illustrator of Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA and Everything Is Mama, return with another amusing toddler-friendly book.  This is Baby is a sweet and simple book that covers body vocabulary and pairs nicely with cute animals who compare their own features with baby’s (a rhinoceros for “nose”, a fish for “lips, etc). The playful faces of the diverse babies will appeal to readers young and old. Grab your baby bookworms close and get ready to rhyme and laugh your way through the colourful illustrations until you find the most important part (hint: something to do with love). This is a book that will become a treasured reread for families with little ones. 

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