Marg recently enjoyed Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh, an emotionally charged, sentimental Christmas tale. Here is her review:

This time of the year I always look for a heartwarming Christmas tale to help get me into the holiday spirit. Keeping Christmas by inspirational author Dan Walsh was that book for me this year.

Judith and Stan have been empty nesters for years but this is the first time that none of their three adult children are able to make it home for the holidays for financial reasons. Stan is taking it in stride but Judith is heartbroken and trying unsuccessfully to cope with her disappointment.

Stan enlists Betty, Judith’s best friend to try to bring her out of her funk but nothing seems to work, that is until Betty finds a job for Judith instructing children on how to make Christmas themed crafts at a gift shop. When Judith’s children were young they had an annual family tradition making ornaments for their tree which were lovingly wrapped up at the end of the season to use again the following Christmas. Stan jokingly referred to these as the “ugly ornaments” but each and every one of them had great sentimental value to the family.

Stan and his best friend Barney are avid fishermen and have been saving forever for a new fishing boat to buy together but he starts to feel guilty seeing his wife so miserable. In true The Gift of the Magi style Stan has to decide what is most important and the true significance of the season shines through.

This heart wrenching tale is sure to warm your heart, lift your spirits and remind you of the real meaning of Christmas. 

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