Julie Wendland, Readers' Services Coordinator for the Library, recently enjoyed Dead Mom Walking by Rachel Matlow, a funny yet tear-jerking memoir. Here is her review:

You take the good, you take the bad and you get Rachel Matlow’s Dead Mom Walking: a Traumedy. When Matlow’s mom is diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer it seems like it will be a fairly straightforward course of action towards healing. What she didn’t anticipate was her free-spirited mother would forgo all conventional medicine instead opting to cure herself using everything from herbal tinctures to talking to her cancer cells. This happens all while Matlow is going through her own work battles as a radio producer of Q during Jian Gomeshi’s reign. This is a true testament of a mother and child’s love for each other despite not always agreeing with each other’s decisions. The raw emotion in this book will have you laughing one minute to grabbing your box of Kleenex the next. 

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