Julie recently enjoyed The Captive by Fiona King Foster, a gripping, tightly written country noir for fans of Winter's Bone, The Kept, and The Donnellys Must Die. Here is her review:

Set in an alternative present day in a secessionist rural state where its residents need to survive without everyday comforts, Beth has to face her past when a fugitive turns up at her farm. The fugitive that she captures is a man from the family that was in a blood feud with her own notorious family before she escaped and started her new quiet existence. The secrets she has tried to keep hidden from her new family are threatened to be exposed as they set out on foot to bring the fugitive to justice. The Captive is an exciting debut novel by Fiona King Foster reminiscent of The Kept and The Donnellys Must Die. Is it worth risking her family’s safety and her secrets being exposed to claim the reward?

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