The weather's finally getting warmer and it's time for some fun activities outdoors. 

If you want to get your little ones interested in gardening, maybe start with an oldie but goodie: 

  • Find a glass jar and line it with a dampened paper towel
  • Add bean seeds between the towel and the glass and keep it moist
  • Put in a sunny location where you can watch it grow
  • Transplant it outside so they can grow their own food

Parachutes are always fun to make:

  • Colour (if you wish - you can also leave it white) a coffee filter
  • Punch four evenly spaced holes around the edge and attach pipe cleaners or string to your parachute
  • You can then attach something like a yogurt container if you want to make it more of a hot air balloon, or design a harness to attach it directly to your favourite action figure/doll etc. Just make sure your "person" isn't too heavy, or they may have a bit of a hard landing!

If you can find some interesting rocks around your yard, pull out the paints or markers and turn them into ladybugs, frogs, or aliens. If you have some google eyes you can glue on when you're done that's even better!

If you really want to get ambitious, try a pop bottle ecosystem:

  • The completer instructions can be found here
  • There are lots of books on ecosystems available to borrow from our Hoopla app - don't forget to check it out here!