This summer has been filled with activities for those who love history, science, arts, music, whimsy, nature and those who love to learn! It is no wonder this summer is flying by, we have been a busy spot here at the Macpherson House & Museum. From theatre programs and live concerts with Juno award winning musicians to pottery making and fairy gardens, we have seen lots of excited faces through our doors. We also had a special afternoon tea for the residents of the JMPC, with Barry Lovegrove performing in the gardens. Visitors of all ages have been taking in the history of the Macpherson family and learning about our local stories, while making memories of their own.  

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As the Museum Takes Flight this summer, we have also had a number of themed guest speakers and activities linked to the exhibit, “Our Feathered Friends”. Some popular topics for guests of all ages have been: birdhouses and habitats, pollinator gardens and how to enjoy nature without causing damage for wildlife. It has also been wonderful to hear the little footsteps and voices in the Museum enjoying the kid’s space and puppet theatre during their families visit.  

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The month of August will be just as busy with some big headline events. Traveling Shakespeare Under the Stars is coming back to the Macpherson House parkland.  Driftwood Theatre will be performing A Musical Midsummers Night Dream on August 7th at 7:30 with admission as pay-what-you-can. We also have two other theatre performances that are perfect for the kids with Barefoot Players and Duffle Bag Theatre, tickets for the kids plays are only $3 per person. Visitors will continue to have artistic opportunities with mask making, macramé, Indigenous beading, and papermaking among others. Providing events that are free or have a low cost is important to us, to allow everyone to have positive cultural experiences locally. To end off the summer we will be hosting an Ice Cream Social, a historical event that was a popular event in the 19th century. Visitors will learn how to make ice cream and enjoy it with freshly baked pie. Have a favorite recipe? Local guest judges will be here to taste your pie and announce the winner too! 

For our rotating programming in the Kid’s Corner at the Museum, visitors will have the opportunity to become Jr. Scientists and learn more about birds. You will get hands on with the food chain with an Owl Pellet Dissection activity available from August 3rd to August 16th!  Anthony Kaduck, president of the Kingston Field Naturalists, will be providing a special talk on Owls on August 3rd at 10:30. Following his talk, you can join me as we focus on science learning all about how and what owls eat! Do you have anyone living in your house that play make believe wishing dinosaurs were still roaming their backyards? Between August 17th and 31st visitors will learn about the evolution of our feathered friends and how they are related to dinosaurs!   

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For more information on upcoming programs or events visit our website at or follow us on Facebook @CountyMuseum.

Even when I am away from my desk I am being inspired by other Museums, Cultural Centers and Historical Sites trying to visit new ones whenever possible. I enjoyed a beautiful walk through the grounds of Backhouse Historic Site in Norfolk County, relishing in what life would have looked like there in 1798. I get this same feeling when standing in the gardens of the Macpherson House or walking the halls while giving tours. Not only talking about the family and who they were, but also inspiring guests to think about everyday life early 19th century Napanee and how much it has changed. I have always made Museum trips and fun educational experiences part of my own family time. Now I am not the only one suggesting them, they are my kid’s first big idea when I ask them where they would like to go. Keep learning, asking questions and making your own history. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone and I hope to see you at the Museum!
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