I'm interested in exploring L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area

We have telescopes!

Thanks to the generous donation and sponsorship of the Tamworth/Erinsville Community Development Committee, our Tamworth Branch now offers a circulating SkyWatcher 6″ Dobsonian telescope (reserve it here). We also have a 6″ Dixon telescope available to reserve from any of our other branches (reserve it here).


I'm interested in exploring L&A Geocaching

We have GPS units!

We have four GPS units available for you to borrow with your library card. Discover all of the geocaching that L&A has to offer! One week loans only. Click here to reserve a unit online.


I'm interested in exploring great museums...

We have Museum Passes!

We have family passes available to a variety of Museums and other educational attractions located both near and far! Each pass has its own borrowing stipulations. Overdue fees charged at $1 per day.


I'm interested in making my home more energy efficient...

We have energy meters!

An energy meter can tell you which of your appliances are the biggest energy drains. Save money by unplugging! Reserve one here.


I'm interested in exploring L&A County Trails...

We have bikes!

Thanks to the hard work of the L&A Community Bike Shop, we have two bikes available for you to borrow from our Napanee Branch for up to one day. Find out more here


I'm interested in improving my baby's vocabulary...

We have Starlings!

Starlings are educational wearables that track the amount and variety of vocabulary babies and tots are exposed to. The Starling generates daily word count goals after analyzing the user’s initial data over three to four days. Once it gauges a daily average in a user’s household, the Starling adds to the daily word goal to encourage more caregiver-child interaction.

We have purchased ten Starling kits which can be borrowed for a standard three-week period. Click here to reserve your online.


I'm interested in learning a new skill...

We have sewing machines!

For those interested in DIY clothing alternations (without the bulk or expense of buying a sewing machine) or taking up a new skill. Reserve one here.


I'm interested in beating the winter blues...

We have light therapy lamps!

These special lights are designed to mimic outdoor light, helping to improve your mood and ease other symptoms of the “winter blues.” Reserve one here.


I'm interested in becoming more musical...

We have a music instrument library!

From guitars to bongos, we have a wide variety of musical instruments for you to borrow. Click here to see what is available.