Julie recently enjoyed A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying by Kelley Armstrong, which she descibes as the perfect novel for young (and old) adventure seekers. Here is her review:

This is Kelley Armstrong’s first book in a middle-grade fantasy series. It follows twelve-year-old Rowan, who is bored with having to do the duties leading up to her eventual position of Queen.  You see she was born 2 minutes ahead of her twin brother, Rhydd.  Law says that the eldest will become ruler with the younger becoming a monster slayer. When a tragedy happens on a monster hunt, her mother fights to have Rowan named monster slayer. This task does not come easy as she has an Uncle trying to insert his family to the throne, rival clans trying to kidnap her, and monsters she encounters that are anything but predictable. Will she prove she is worthy of the title of royal monster hunter?  This book is perfect for young (and old) adventure seekers and would be a wonderful read aloud book.

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