Andree Duval recently read Red River Girl: The Life and Death of Tina Fontaine, a well-researched account of the disappearance and murder of Tina Fontaine, a young girl from the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba. Here is her review:

Red River Girl is written by documentary film maker and journalist Joanna Jolly. It is a well-researched, moving account of Tina’s disappearance, the finding of her body on August 17, 2014 and the building of the case by Winnipeg Police Officer John O’Donovan against Raymond Cormier. O’Donovan’s press conference after Tina’s body is found surprised the Indigenous Community and the rest of the country. O’Donovan stated, “This is a child, so, I mean, society should be horrified.” This was a change in the way police referred to murdered Indigenous women and girls; in the past they often blamed the victim.

In-depth background information is given on all of the key people connected with the case. The reader is also presented with facts about other missing and murdered Indigenous women. The author does a brilliant job of bringing the plight of these women and their relatives to light.

While this may be a challenging read because of the powerful and emotional subject matter, it is an eye-opening page turner.

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