Kristin Maloney recently enjoyed The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle, a "touching romantic novel" that she gives a full five stars. Here is her review:

In this touching romantic novel, Rebecca Serle makes her adult fiction debut by giving us a delightful story based on the endlessly popular question “If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be?” At the beginning of the novel, Sabrina is introduced and her best friend, Jessica, who celebrate their birthdays every year with a dinner out. However, this year Sabrina is shocked when she enters a restaurant on her 30th birthday to see not only Jessica, but also her estranged father, her former teacher, her ex-boyfriend and an annoyed Audrey Hepburn all seated at the table. The chapters of this book alternate between conversations at the dinner table and then jump back in time so we can understand Sabrina’s life leading up to this important birthday dinner. The author does a remarkable job of balancing both plotlines by never slowing the pace of the book down. The beauty of this story is that even though all the characters are flawed, none of them are purely good or bad. They have all made mistakes and accepted unacceptable compromises, but who among us has not? The Dinner List is an emotional story, one in which we see Sabrina grow and accept that she must forgive everyone including herself before she can enter her thirtieth year with any potential for closure or growth. Not a single page of this novel is wasted as the author launches us into the dinner feet first with appetizers waiting and wine poured! Over the course of a few hours, her characters explore love, grief, addiction, friendship, death, marriage and so much more. All these aspects will have the reader examining their own life choices right along with the characters. This book itself was delicious, and will make you feel as if you too have lost something, but will make you all the more grateful for the good things around you. In summary, this novel gets a full five stars from me since the author was talented enough to create such an addictive story that left me with tears!  

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