Kristin recently enjoyed The Deal of a Lifetime and Other Stories by Fredrik Backman, a collection of three meaningful stories about facing life’s greatest struggles and discovering what is truly important in life. Here is her review:

"If you are looking for a quick, yet deeply moving read this holiday season, than these short stories are for you! Fredrik Backman is an author that skillfully transfers his humour, charm, compassion and wonderful sense of human nature directly into his writing and this collection is no different. Interestingly, the author never intended for these three particular stories to be published into a book. Originally, he wrote these stories as a way to sort out his own private thoughts around the holiday season. One was even written late one Christmas Eve while he was wide awake pondering what it means to be “a family”. Thankfully, his publisher decided to put these heartfelt stories into print for us to enjoy. These stories allow readers to take a glimpse into the mind of one of the world’s most celebrated authors as he tries to explain the choices humans must make in life, and how things can change in a blink of an eye. The three insightful tales included in this book highlight how life is a fleeting gift, and thus, we must use what time we have wisely. The characters in these stories show us that being the most successful, making loads of money or just being the greatest at something is not at all what matters most in life. If we want to leave behind a legacy that is worthwhile and memorable, than we need to share the gift of our life with others by showing compassion and care wherever we go. In summary, if you enjoyed any previous novels by Fredrik Backman then I suggest reading this touching collection because it is sure to both warm your heart and make you realize that spending time with loved ones is the best gift we could ever receive this holiday season."

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