Kristin recently enjoyed Dance of Thieves, the first book in a new YA series and a great read for those looking for a fantasy/adventure novel with just the right amount of romance! Here is her review:

The bestselling author of the Remnant Chronicles has returned with a stunning new young adult adventure! This novel is set in the Remnant universe, but it introduces readers to brand new characters who will quickly capture your attention and heart! The story begins when the patriarch of the Ballenger Empire dies which forces his son to become the new leader. Everyone has always bowed to the strength of this outlaw family because for generations they have governed by brute force alone with no mercy. However, this handsome yet inexperienced young man is in for a surprise during his first few days as leader. A legendary former street thief has been sent by the Queen from a neighboring kingdom to investigate transgressions committed by him and those in his inner circle. Kazi is a fierce young woman of the Rahtan who has earned her place as the Queen’s premier guard but she will need all the skills and tricks she has ever learned to make it through the forbidding land of the Ballenger’s. This is a fascinating and addictive story of how a reformed thief and a leader of an outlaw dynasty lock themselves into a battle that may indeed cost them not only their lives but also their hearts. In summary, Mary E. Pearson has done it again with amazing story development, captivating characters and just the right amount of romance to create a fascinating adventure novel suitable for both teens and adults!

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