Patricia recently enjoyed Closer to Nowhere by Ellen Hopkins, a powerful novel about two cousins aimed at middle grade readers. Here is her review:

Closer to Nowhere by Ellen Hopkins is a powerful middle grade novel that explores timeless topics like bullying, mental illness, crime, family angst and grief. The books is written in verse from the perspectives of Hannah and Cal. They are cousins forced to live together and they have nothing in common…or do they?

Hannah has it all – smarts, talent in gymnastics and dance, and two parents who adore her and provide her with everything she needs and more.

Cal is struggling – his mom died, his dad is in jail, he is filled with anger and feels like a burden. Cal’s only escape (storytelling) if often not appreciated.

Can a family tree assignment, a nasty grumpy grandma and a father’s release from prison be the turning point that is so desperately needed for both Hannah and Cal?

Readers who have enjoyed No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen, Tornado Brain by Cat Patrick or The Pants Project by Cat Clarke may also enjoy this fantastic novel.

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