4976 Bath Road, Amherstview

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Parrott’s Bay Conservation Area near Amherstview in Loyalist Township is managed by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. It's an amazing 117 hectare (289 acre) property with a variety of wooded areas, wetlands, and beautiful waterfront views. 


Parrotts Bay Fall 1 web.jpg

A peaceful view from the bridge at the north-east end of the property.

Parrotts Bay Fall 3 web.jpg

The leaves are showing a lot of yellow so far this year. This is one of the few with a reddish colouring.

Parrotts Bay Fall 6 web.jpg

Some of the mature pines found in a grove in the centre of Parrott's Bay CA.

Parrotts Bay Fall 8 web.jpg

A nice mix of colour in this section of the trail.

Parrotts Bay Fall 5 web.jpg

These brilliantly red berries almost glow in contrast to its lightly coloured surroundings.

Parrotts Bay Fall 10 web.jpg

This little chipmunk was on a mission to fill its cheeks with as many leaves as possible. Why? I don't know.