The entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in Mark Smith, owner of The Trailer Company's DNA. Living and breathing small business has always been a part of his life. Growing up in a family agricultural equipment business just outside of Smiths Falls helped to shape his future by learning first hand from his father the work ethic, quality products and customer service needed to build a great business and reputation.

“I guess it was in the blood. I mean I watched dad throughout the years do what he did, and I don’t know if I could work for anyone else," Mark explains. "I have done this for so many years it would be hard to now, I love what I do."

Mark has owned and operated Smith's Trailer and Outdoor Power in Smiths Falls since 2010, and earlier this year looked westward to reach a broader market. "We narrowed it down to the 401 corridor because there was an opportunity for business here. Lennox & Addington is perfect for us. We are in between Kingston and Belleville, so we get pull out of both of those areas, and we are even seeing draw come out of Toronto now which is great too."

Web blog image3 layout_1.jpgLocated at 435 Milligan Lane in Greater Napanee, The Trailer Company specializes in utility, equipment, enclosed, and dump trailers.

"We handle everything from a 5 x 8 utility trailer for a home owner that wants to take garbage to the dump, to a heavy duty equipment trailer that you put your backhoe on," explains Mark.

Putting a huge emphasis on quality in-stock products and customer service is Mark's focus and sets him apart from his competitors.

"Our biggest push is that we keep quality products. There are a lot of cheaper trailers on the market, but we don’t stock them. We don’t sell just on price alone. I want to see my customers at the grocery store, have my head up high, say 'hello, how are you doing', and you’re happy to see me. Not the opposite because I sold you a crappy trailer that fell a part."

One of The Trailer Company's biggest strengths is having a large inventory that is accessible to their customers, so the customer is not left waiting for weeks for their trailer. And if they don't have what you are looking for on hand, they can custom build exactly what you need.

Continuing the legacy of having a great reputation is the goal for servicing the Lennox and Addington community.

"We’ve got a great name at home, we are a family run business and have been around a long time. You won’t find many people in the Ottawa area that have bad to say and we want to continue that reputation here."

Changing the brand from Smith's Trailers to The Trailer Company had a lot to do with crediting his staff.

"I'm proud of what we've built and I'm not a guy that needs recognition to know that it's my business. I've got a team of people here that I rely on and their last name isn't Smith. We want to be known for being 'The Trailer Company'. We are a trailer business, that's what we do and we want our name to reflect that," Mark explains.

Finding motivation in his passion for helping people has been a key to success for Mark.

"I love what I do. It's a great feeling to help a customer find what they want but better yet what they need. It's gratifying and that becomes addictive, almost like a drug sort of thing."

If you're looking for all things trailer, be sure to see Mark and his staff at The Trailer Company in Greater Napanee. It is everything its name is and so much more. You can also visit their website and find them on Facebook.

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