A Springtime Paddle on the Salmon

May 21, 2019
Rob Plumley

The weather is finally feeling seasonal so I decided to pack up the kayak and head to the Salmon River. When I pulled my truck into the boat launch parking lot in Roblin, I could immediately tell that the water level was much higher than it was when I paddled here last summer.

The 2019 Discover L&A County MEGA Geocaching Event is August 17th

May 10, 2019
Rob Plumley

Geocachers, we're 99 days away from the 2019 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event!

Join 1,000 of your closest friends in Lennox & Addington County! We're the only MEGA in Canada, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity. Signal the Mascot returns to L&A, and Kelli, a staffer from Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, WA will be attending her first ever MEGA event! Let's show her a good time!!!

Check out some updates below...


7 Places in L&A to Watch the Water Flow (With a Full Belly)

May 7, 2019
Rob Plumley

When spring arrives, so too does the rain. We can't control the weather, but at least we can enjoy some of the effects of the steady showers in April and May.

I recently had a chance to get a first-hand look at some of the magnificent flows of water at locations across the County. I also happened to stop by a few bakeries and restaurants along the way.

Take a look at some of my favourite places to see a waterfall (with a full belly) in Lennox & Addington.


An Afternoon Hike along the Cataraqui Trail

April 24, 2019
Amanda Chalk

A friend recently shared a photo of their bicycle ride on the Cataraqui Trail. A place on my ‘to visit in Lennox and Addington’ list that I’ve been meaning to cross off. Now that the leaves are starting to bud on the trees, and the ground was drying up, I decided to check out what was once the old CN Railway that crosses through Lennox and Addington County, and set out for an afternoon hike.

Springtime on Amherst Island

April 17, 2019
Amanda Chalk

It was a beautiful spring day for a drive. Shortly after heading out, I found myself on the Loyalist Parkway enjoying the scenery along Lake Ontario.

The ferry to Amherst Island was right ahead, a place in Lennox and Addington County that I have yet to visit. With no firm plans for the day, I turned to join the line to board the new end loading ferry boat.

Early Spring Beauty on Full Display at Menzel Centennial

April 8, 2019
Amanda Chalk

The Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve is a spot my family and I have planned on visiting for quite some time. Now that spring has finally arrived, we figured it was the perfect time to get out and explore. We gathered up our hiking gear - including our rubber boots - and made our way towards Roblin.

Back in the Paddle after a Long Winter

April 8, 2019
Rob Plumley

I've had the itch to go paddling basically since I put the kayak away in October. With the balmy weather Southeastern Ontario experienced over the weekend -- yes, 9 degrees Celsius is considered balmy compared to what our Spring has been like so far -- I decided to head out on my first paddle of the season.

A Visit to the Museum and Archives

April 3, 2019
Amanda Chalk

April showers make for the perfect days to visit the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives. During a recent visit to the museum, I was able to step back in time and view the area from a different perspective through the artwork of long time Amherst Island resident Shirley Miller, in the exhibit titled “Revisiting Special Moments: A Retrospective, Reflecting the life on Amherst Island, Friends and Family,” on display until April 6th.

Plans Underway for Mountain Biking Trails in the L&A County Forest

March 7, 2019
Rob Plumley

Big changes are coming soon to one of Lennox & Addington's County Forest properties. This spring, a series of mountain biking trails will be developed within the forest in the quiet hamlet of Flinton in Addington Highlands. 

Lennox & Addington County owns five swaths totalling over 1,100 acres of forested lands in the Northbrook and Flinton areas. Officially known as "Forest 2", the 127-acre managed forest currently has about 3 kilometres of laneway around the perimeter that is ideal for leisurely strolls, bike rides, or skiing or snowshoeing during the winter. 

Get out and Enjoy Winter in #UnspoiledLA

December 12, 2018
Rob Plumley

The snow isn't here quite yet, but that doesn't mean you can't bundle up and enjoy the cold weather. There's lots to do this winter in Lennox & Addington County. Take a look at some of the fun activities that are available when the snow flies.