STEAM in the Kitchen

May 7, 2020
Karen Scott

Seems all the talk these days on Facebook is of "quarantine snacks"!  Why should kids be left out of the action? Here are some kid friendly recipes they can whip up themselves in minutes using the microwave. Adult supervision for the younger ones is advised, of course, but even teens and adults may want to give recipes these a try.  Baking is the perfect STEAM activity - math in the measuring, chemistry in the cooking, and a perfect work of art when it's done!

Rock On!

May 6, 2020
Karen Scott

Sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic...which is which and what do they mean anyway? 

Time for a Mother's Day Spa

May 5, 2020
Karen Scott

Need some ideas for how to pamper Mom this Mother's Day?  How about the makings of a spa day, right there at home?  It's simple, quick, and easy to mix up some lip scrub, foot (or body) sugar scrub, or bath salts.  Look around for some jars you can use - and maybe decorate?- or some plastic containers with a good seal.

Let's Move It Outdoors!

May 1, 2020
Karen Scott

The weather's finally getting warmer and it's time for some fun activities outdoors. 

If you want to get your little ones interested in gardening, maybe start with an oldie but goodie: 

Bridge Building Challenge

April 30, 2020
Karen Scott

Here's an engineering challenge that will keep the kids engaged for quite a while: have them build a bridge that will hold a certain amount of weight.

Science Can Be Fun!

April 27, 2020
Karen Scott

Are you looking for ways to keep your elementary-aged kids engaged and having fun, while possibly learning something at the same time?  Why not let them try exploring some scientific concepts -- they can do these on their own, or you could get involved and have some fun together.

STEAM Quest at Home

April 23, 2020
Karen Scott

Are you looking for some fun and easy STEM activities you can do with your child or children with ingredients you probably already have at home? These have all been tried and tested at the library, so you know they'll work!

How about a simple, two ingredient play-dough? Just mix equal parts corn starch and hair conditioner (any brand), for a soft and silky dough that moulds easily, isn't sticky (if it is, just add more corn starch!), smells wonderful, and is easy to clean up.