Amherstview Branch's book club offers a truly unique book club experience!

Instead of focusing on a specific book, Amherstview Branch's book club centers on a particular monthly theme, allowing it's participants complete reading freedom. 

Jennifer, the Library Assistant at Amherstview Branch, runs the club. She presents a dozen fiction and nonfiction books as suggestions for her members, but they are always free to choose their own book. Participants do not need to feel guilty for not reading "the book", nor do they have to worry about tracking down a very specific title that may or may not appeal to them personally.

The questions that Jennifer presents relate to how the member's chosen books express the theme of the month. Questions are drawn out of hat for the sake of fairness and everyone gets a chance to participate. No book club conversation hijackers here!

Past themes have included: the Olympics, Indigenous voices, human-animal connection, literary & genre awards, tough topics, and Black History Month. 

For more on Jennifer's book club, check out this article that was featured by NoveList, a readers' advisory product used by library staff and patrons all over the world.

To join the club, give the Amherstview Branch a call at 613.389.6006.