UPDATE: July 16, 2019

Effective at 11:00am today, Tuesday July 16, 2019, County Road 12 will be closed and not passable in area between civic address 1631 and 1545.

In the event of an emergency and for vehicle traffic, access to 1631 will be from the west (Deseronto Road). Access to 1545 will remain from the east (County Rd 12/ Glennelm Road) and this will remain in effect for the duration of the closure. Both residents of 1545 and 1631 have been verbally notified of this alteration. 


Please be advised that County Rd 12 in Greater Napanee will be CLOSED TO TRAFFIC from Glennelm Road to Deseronto Road commencing on Wednesday, July 10th until approximately Wednesday, July 31st.  The area of road work extends from Glennelm Road to Brown Side Road and there will be NO THROUGH TRAFFIC on this section.  Access to all addresses on this road will be from the Deseronto Road end with the exception of Civic Numbers 1631 and 1545.  Access to these addresses will vary depending on the daily excavation activities. 

Contact Nathan Kimmett, On-Site Supervisor at 613-583-2338 in the event of an emergency at these addresses to confirm access direction.